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ZKTeco Philippines

ZKTeco is committed to the independent research of biometric identification algorithms and the production of biometric identification SDK. It was widely used in the field of PC Security and identity authentication. With the continuous improvement of independent technology research and a large number of market application tests, the team layout gradually created a hybrid organism. Identification technology is the core identity certification ecosystem, intelligent security ecosystem. ZKTeco has R&D, design and innovation centers for software and hardware products in Silicon Valley, Europe, Korea, and Xiamen of China. The sales channels and service networks cover major cities in China as well as many countries and regions in the world.

At present, ZKTeco has more than 3,500 employees worldwide, nearly 1,000 R&D personnel, and two headquarters in Dongguan and Xiamen. The Dongguan-Shenzhen headquarters in Dongguan has a modern manufacturing industrial park. The Xiamen headquarters concentrates on building a software R&D base and solution Innovation Center.

  • Provide smart city integrated application solutions and service

ZKTeco is mainly engaged in the integration of fingerprint, human face, palm vein, iris and other hybrid biometric technologies with Internet of Things, Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies to enterprises, to judiciary, to government, to military, in the fields of finance, education, medical care, construction, transportation, etc.,ZKTeco provide wisdom and security, smart education, smart medical care, smart finance, smart office, smart community, smart court, smart site, smart scenic spot, identity authentication, urban anti-terrorism, snow engineering, etc. Application areas such as urban integrated application solutions and services.

  • Provide safe and complete software system research and design services

ZKTeco’s high investment in software and hardware product development, the practical application of many projects, accumulated corresponding creativity and rich experience, which also provides a good guarantee for software development services.

  • Provide advanced and professional technical support services

ZKTeco has thousands of professional R&D teams that can quickly respond to customer needs and customize software and hardware products according to customer needs. E-ZKTeco Pro, ZKTime9.0, and ZKTime5.0 are the three main attendance software currently available. They are customized attendance software tailored to customers according to the specific needs of different users.

  • Provide perfect and fast after-sales service

Service is a key factor in product application. Only when the service is completed can the customer be truly assured. ZKTeco provides customers with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service, such as software and hardware product training, so that customers can truly understand and use software and hardware products. ZKTeco also promises to provide permanent software upgrades for genuine software customers.


  • Successful case

Midea Group AWE Exhibition Passenger Flow Data Case

In the past, the effect of evaluating exhibitors relied on customer registration, business cards, on-site volume, staff perceptions, officially published data, and survey results. However, there are a lot of dead ends in such data collection: there is no accurate number of booth visitors, the number of visitors in each region, the inability to judge which products are the most eye-catching, the regular customers and agents can not recognize, what are the main groups? Common features and so on. So Midea Group is working with us, The hardware requirements are to use face recognition to analyze customers and support third-party application development and integration; software requirements are passenger flow statistical analysis, member identification, repeat customer analysis, gender age analysis, commodity attention analysis, remote monitoring, attendance management, security management, Finally, we efficiently designed a big data collection method for its research and development, which successfully solved the needs of Midea Group.


ZKTeco Philippines

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