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ZKBioSecurity Carpark Management Solution


ZKBioSecurity Carpark Solution




Parking System

Its operation starts when a user with the passive tag drive through the antenna located at the entrance of the parking lot. The antenna will recognize the tag. If it is valid, the car park barrier will open up, if not, no access will be allowed.


Black And White Lists Management

System management includes System, User, Role and Black and White Lists.  If the cars is preset on the white list, including fire trucks, police cars, and privileged cars, can enter and exit the parking lot free of charge. Otherwise, cars on the black list are not allowed to enter or exit the parking lot.




There are two kinds of UHF tags in this long distance fixed vehicle access management application.

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UHF Reader

The left and right angles of the reader shall be adjusted so that the reader faces the coming vehicles.




UHF Software






 UHF Products Use Attention

  • Reader’s Installation

(Take fixed vehicle management applications as an example)

Installation diagram is as follow:





  • Applications

Different types of UHF readers and UHF tags are applied in different areas. We recommend:

UHF5 series reader ‘s longest reading distance is up to 6 meters, but the steady reading distance is 0-4meters. So UHF 5 series reader is generally used in long distance access control and long distance pedestrian crossing control and other areas.

UHF10 series reader ‘s longest reading distance is up to 12 meters, but the steady reading distance is 0-10meters. So it is a good choice used in long distance fixed vehicle access management and other long distance recognition applications.

UHF tag:





  •  Note
  1. The installation height and installation angle have a great influence on the reading distance. As is shown below:






In this triangle, our reader’s reading distance is the longest side, but application distance is the horizontal distance in the actual use. The horizontal distance is less than the reading distance.

2. When used, the reader front face to the direction of movement of the object (With UHF Tag);

3. Water and magnet do a lot effects to tags, so when using, to get the best performance, the tag should be kept away from magnetic filed and shouldn’t hold the card in hand or in pocket. (In fact, our body is a weak magnetic field and full of water).

4. Please keep the tag’s direction the same as antenna’s polarization direction when using. According to the installation direction of the reader, reading card direction is horizontal or vertical. Reading distance is very different with different swiping card direction. As is shown below:






5. When you use UHF1-Tag4 in long distance fixed vehicle access management application, if there is a metal explosion-proof film above the car’s wind shield, the tag can’t be read or doesn’t work. To get the best reading performance, user need tear off a small piece film or roll down the window.

6. The moving speed of the object is recommended to be 0-20km/h.


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