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World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS) 2019

ZKTeco once again joined the World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS) held at World Trade Center in September 26th-29th, a 4-day exhibition. The event has been a great platform to showcase our latest variety of products and services that play a crucial role in commercial or public safety and security, and for intelligent solutions to satisfy safety and security needs.

There were thousands of attendees witnessed ZKTeco’s innovative products and solutions to make our home, office, or personal lives safer and more convenient with our theme “Experience the future”. In the exhibition, ZKTeco has displayed our smart and convenient passageway, time & attendance, CCTV, POS, hotel locks and our visible light facial recognition products. We also have walkthrough metal detector, parking barrier and turnstile which have attracted many professionals.


ZKTeco always aims to provide the best quality products to meet different project requirements of hardware, function and software compatibility. ZKTeco will take full advantage of this platform and seek all possible ways to serve our customers and present to new biometric technologies to make a better and safer world. ZKTeco’s exhibition was all about the latest and newly advanced visible light facial recognition technology.


All these great practical solutions has enabled visitors to get a full recognition of ZKTeco and express highly positive reflections on ZKTeco’s products and technology. This also has been a great time for ZKTeco to show our latest CCTVs. One-on-one talks with demonstrations of products were conducted to make sure that every visitors can fully enjoy and ensure that they gain experienced in our products.


ZKTeco let the people in the event know that we have wide range of products from biometrics to security inspections and the “all-in-one-solutions” for the Philippines.


ZKTeco booth won as the BEST BOOTH in WOSAS 2019.


It has been a great pleasure of ZKTeco to share our knowledge and expertise with others.

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