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ZKBioSecurity Smart Construction Site Entrance Control Solutions

Smart construction site entrance control solution is integrated entrance management solutions based on ZKTeco hybrid-biometric verification technology. With ZKBioSecurity3.0 software and entrance products. it provides a set of intelligent management and monitoring entrance solutions for construction site, enhances the safety of the enterprise and ensures the safety of employees.

All In One Web-Based Security Management



ZKTeco’s smart construction site security solution consists of ZKBioSecurity software, entance control products, InBio controllers, surveilance, data servers, monitoring computers, and LED screen hardware. The site staff needs face recognition verification to pass the turnstile. At the same time the verify information can synchronize display on LED screen. Also, the surveillance system captures theentire process picture and send the picture to monitoring computer for comparison. Finally, the record can be uploaded to data servers through the InBio controller and ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software

Hybrid-Biometric Verification Technology

  • ZKTeco Fingerprint + Finger Vein Biometrics
  • HybridBio Palm Identification
  • Iris + Face Biometrics

LED Function ZKBioSecurity3.0



ZKBioSecurity 3.0 is our newly developed all-in-one web base security software. It supports not only access control function, but also third-party linkage. With a supported device capacity of 8,000, it is a versatile and worthy option to safeguard your company.

ZK-LED Models Introduction


Through the LED function module in the ZKBioSecurity 3.0, the LED display screen can display and monitor the access data of the construction site in real time

Video Surveillance Linkage with Entrance Control

  • SLK20R
  • InBio Pro 460
  • TS1200
  • PT-BA295K4


  • Real Time Statistics and Monitoring
  • Safety
  • Video Surveillance Linkage Registration
  • Flexible System
  • Convenience


With ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software and tripod turnstile hardware, ZKBiosecurity smart construction site entrance control solution can effectively control the access information of the construction site and display the verify information on LED screen

ZKBiosecurity smart construction site entrance contol solution can be combine with ZKTeco’s hybrid biometric technology, that the employees can use fingerprints, face, iris, fingervein and ID card to pass the verification to enter and exit the site.


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