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Parking Lot Management System


ZKParking is a client/server architecture parking lot management software self-developed by ZKTeco. ZKParking contains six functional modules: system management, personnel management, authorization management, financial management, terminal management and report management. With a user-friendly UI and complete parking lot management function, ZKParking provides the most professional solution for a simple and convenient user experience.


• Vehicle Authorization: Temporary and fixed vehicle authorizations, fixed vehicle extensions;
• Customized Parking Lot Charging Rules: Supports various charging rules, meets all types of parking lot;
• Blacklist and Whitelist Management;
• Report Statistics Management: Exports various kinds of reports of statistical data for financial staffs;
• Real-time Monitoring of entry and exit status;
• Parking Lot Area Linkage Management: Real-time statistics of remaining available parking spaces.

Software Specifications

System Architecture Server/ Client
Database PostgreSQL ( Defult )
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10 ( 32/64 )

Minimum PC Requirements

CPU Dual Core Processor

Processing Speed with 2.4GHz

Memory 4GB or Above
Storage 30GB Free Space or More
Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768 or Above

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