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Advanced LPR Solution with Vehicle Recognition Introduction ZKTeco License Plate Recognition is an advanced technology which automatically and quickly recognizes vehicles’ colours, license plate numbers and its relevant features for both multiple verification for higher security level while maintaining high efficiency of carpark entrance and exit management. Its ONVIF function also enables 3rd party camera […]

ZKBioSecurity Carpark Management Solution ZKBioSecurity Carpark Solution     Parking System Its operation starts when a user with the passive tag drive through the antenna located at the entrance of the parking lot. The antenna will recognize the tag. If it is valid, the car park barrier will open up, if not, no access will be […]

ZKBioSecurity Smart Construction Site Entrance Control Solutions Smart construction site entrance control solution is integrated entrance management solutions based on ZKTeco hybrid-biometric verification technology. With ZKBioSecurity3.0 software and entrance products. it provides a set of intelligent management and monitoring entrance solutions for construction site, enhances the safety of the enterprise and ensures the safety of employees. […]

WTMD and  Entrance Control Solution Solutions Introduction With the development of economy and the increase of raw material prices, the management of products and material of electronic factories has been increasingly important. And manual security deployment is yet to satisfy the rising demand of security. How to use scientific management methods to prevent the loss […]